Brand Identity
North Carolina, USA

A Brand with a Hawaiian Island Vibe

The Logo Icon is memorable and versatile. To enhance its memorability, the colours can be matched according to an ice flavour. This is a funky twist that can be used for animations or on the menu. Any branding project heavily relies on the vital role of brand mood boards. Brand mood boards allow designers and marketers to visually translate the textual input they've received or created together with the client. They serve as a starting point in the branding process and can help ensure that the final product aligns with the client's vision. It can be said that any branding project heavily relies on the vital role of brand mood boards as they provide a framework for creating a cohesive and effective visual identity.

My gut told me to work with Marts & Mounts and I am so glad I did! They simplified my scattered ideas into a powerful logo representing both my goals and the product.

I felt like they also became excited about Waves and poured all of his creative juices into the branding. Obviously, our success was just as important to them as the brand identity design. They were pleasant, honest, and hard-working. I would recommend Marts & Mounts entirely to anyone who has a big idea but needs help putting it into a visual representation. Ruud and Martijn are truly masterminds!

Rachael Boyle
CEO, Co-Founder - Waves Shave Ice
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