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How we designed a logo & Identity that reflects the Unbounded brand's message of empowerment

The Unbounded brand was created to inspire young people between 18 to 35 years old to break free from societal limitations and express themselves without being influenced by others. The brand represents the "I Don't Give A F*ck" principle, encouraging people to chase their dreams and ideas without limits. Our agency was tasked to create the branding for this unique brand. This case study will share the process and steps taken to deliver an outstanding branding design for The Unbounded.

As always a brand case study is kicked off with some beautiful visuals. At the end of this page you will find more in-depth information and details about this project.

Building a Strong Brand Identity with a thorough Research and Discovery Process

Conducting thorough research and discovery was necessary before starting the branding design for The Unbounded. Exploring the brand's target audience helped us understand its purpose and who it aims to serve. We also studied competitors in the market to identify gaps and opportunities and differentiate the brand from them.

Our research revealed that The Unbounded is a unique brand that promotes freedom, creativity, and individuality. We discovered that the brand's audience seeks a way to express themselves and break free from societal limitations. Creating a brand that resonated with the audience and stood out from competitors was necessary.

Brand Strategy. Uncovering the essence of the Unbounded

Based on our research and discovery, we created a branding strategy to capture the brand's essence and resonate with its target audience. The strategy was to convey the message of "Be Yourself" and "Break Free" from limitations. The "I Don't Give A F*ck" principle was central to the brand's message.

Logo Design

The first step in creating the branding design was to develop a logo that perfectly captured the brand's essence. We designed a logo with an icon in the shape of a red piece of tape, symbolizing breaking free from limitations and expressing oneself. The entire wordmark of the logo is made up of taped typography, capturing the brand's message of being yourself and breaking free from limitations.

Color Scheme

The brand consists mainly of red, black, and beige colors. We chose these colors because they perfectly represent the brand's message of freedom, individuality, and breaking free from societal limitations. The color red represents passion, energy, and excitement. The black color represents strength, power, and sophistication. The beige color represents simplicity, calmness, and neutrality. We combined these colors to create a unique and memorable color scheme that perfectly resonated with the brand's message.


The typography used in the branding design is critical in conveying the brand's message. We used rough tape typography to symbolize breaking free from limitations and expressing oneself. We also used a chic serif font to balance the roughness of the tape typography and convey the message of a quality product.

Marketing Collateral

We also created marketing collateral that would help promote the brand and its message. The marketing collateral included social media graphics, business cards, packaging design, and product labels. The marketing collateral incorporated the brand's logo, color scheme, and typography to ensure consistency in the branding design.

Final thoughts

The Unbounded branding project was a success. The branding design perfectly captured the brand's essence and message. The brand's target audience resonated with the brand

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