Catch a Jet
the Netherlands

Branding for an Approachable and Luxury Mobile App in the Private Jet Industry

Catch-a-Jet offers affordable and luxury private jet flying by using empty-leg flights and an easy-to-use app. Passengers have the entire private jet to themselves and can choose to split the cost or bring guests. Partner operators are certified for safety and maintenance, ensuring Catch-a-Jet's strong branding in the private aviation industry.

The Branding Challenge for a Luxury Start-up in the Aviation Industry

When we stepped in, the already existing brand was lacking in consistency and brand cohesion. Time to take a step back and with a strategic approach, first define the brand identity and create a solid foundation to build upon.

The Creative Branding Process

A well-defined brand also needs a timeless visual foundation that aligns with the target group. This starts with an explorative process in which visual mood boarding plays an important part.

Explore, Refine & Design

Defining the Visual Language and making Brand Guides Ensures Consistency Over Time

A structured and time-tested creative process in which we define the colors, typography, patterns, and photographic style, results in a strong visual identity. This visual language is the basis for all communication of the luxury brand to ensure consistency and recognizability are met amongst its customer base.

A Recognizable Brand in the Private Jet Industry that will Build Brand Equity Over Time.

Consistency is essential for Catch-a-Jet to build a recognizable brand identity and equity in the private jet industry. By using the established brand identity and visual language consistently in all new communication, it reinforces its unique brand image. This helps Catch-a-Jet stand out and create a strong, memorable brand that will resonate with its audience over time.

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