The approach         Always design a brand based on its strategic foundation

The approach         Three pillars for a successful brand


Brand strategy

Developing a brand strategy involves determining the essence of your brand and what sets you apart as the best choice in the market. Working with key people across different layers within your organisation, we refine the vision and identify the best possible positioning for your brand to succeed. The result is a strategic foundation that serves as a guide for a brand with purposeful, focused and confident growth.

  • Brand strategy
  • Communication strategy
  • Research & Insight
  • Brand & Product positioning

Brand design

We breathe life into your brand by establishing a strong foundation for impactful brand communication. This involves creating a compelling brand story, defining the appropriate tone of voice, designing a memorable logo, selecting suitable typography, and curating a cohesive color palette, among other elements. Furthermore, we will equip you with brand guidelines and systems empowering you to leverage these assets like a seasoned professional.

  • Storytelling
  • Visual identity
  • Tone of voice
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand systems

Brand support

Envision your brand as a dynamic entity that thrives and transforms continuously. Our dedicated team is available to support you in upholding the significance and coherence of your brand encounter. We offer ongoing assistance across various domains, including content creation, design, development, social media, and SEO. Our services are custom-tailored to your unique requirements, enabling you to concentrate on your core strengths.

  • Asset development
  • Brand toolkit
  • Art direction
  • Consultancy

But I just want a brand identity for my brand?

Well, we are happy to help you with that. But we aren't a strategy-driven studio that makes 'pretty pictures' without a clear understanding of the company goals. We know that when your brand fits your business objectives, brand values and meets the expectations of the target audience it will outperform the competition. Most of our clients appreciate the strategic sessions we organise to give them strategic insights into their identity and communication. When you already have a clear vision of your company's identity, market and communication, it saves us both a lot of time and we can move on to the Brand Design phase in no time!

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